More regulation promised by An Taoiseach

More blame shifting from FF. It wasn’t me, he says, it was the poor quality of regulations that we had. So we are promised a whole new set of them. I only hope he gets the peace and quiet needed to draft them, preferably in his retirement.

First off, there is nothing wrong with the existing regulations because they are European reg’s not that shoddy Irish stuff that he seems so ashamed of currently. If he so desperately wants us to be model Europeans, what is wrong with those EU reg’s that he so faithfully endorsed down all those many long years of our membership.

Secondly, if he thinks the regulations need changing can he tell us what is wrong with them – other than that he doesn’t like where he has ended up and wants something to hang the blame on.

And into the bargain, we are promised a ‘Regulator’ from abroad. Proof positive that FF are still in a ‘post-colonial’ mindset and believe that we are not competent to manage our own affairs.

In crucial matters of law and order, we have to have our hands held by foreigners it seems. In those difficult areas that he hasn’t the courage to face up to, such as putting manners on the ‘Blue ‘Flu’ Guards and stopping his cronies putting their hands in the banks tills, he wants an outsider to do his own work.

The issue is not the regulations nor the law nor the ‘financial markets’. The problem is that the culture of Fianna Fail dictates that the only thing that matters is not getting caught and failing that not getting the blame.

As long as the country has a leadership that thinks that there is one law for the people and no law for its cronies then it is doomed to mediocrity and, perhaps worse.

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