Rome over Reykjavik

The smug cheek of it!!

Having ruined our finances through greed and neglect in 06 and 07 and squandered our opportunity to show some leadership over Lisbon, Minister Lenihan is now confident that the Irish people will  now accept whatever Frankenstein refashioning of the rejected ‘constitution’ is put before them in the Autumn.

He is again conflating issues that are unrelated and revealing his lack of understanding of his brief.

Rejecting  the Lisbon treaty does not mean that we would be cast aside or might suffer some penalty. To suggest so is to attempt to bully and frighten people, which is these days sadly typical of his and his parties stance on policies they do not fully understand.

Rejecting Lisbon would mean that the EU ‘apparatchiks’ would have to look at a different route to make their onerous duties more accomodating to their lifestyles – because that is all Lisbon is about – streamlining decision processes.

The only real power that the EU has that needs to be swiftly exercised is the setting of the Euro interest rate. That mechanism works just fine. The rest of the ‘apparat’ reforms have been multiply rejected by the peoples of Europe who are unwilling to cede any more powers to the remote and obscure mandarins of Brussels.

The Irish have always understood how important Europe is to their wellbeing and security. Perhaps that is why they are unwilling to see the EU project sullied  by a shabby remake of a fake constitution.

Having  made a mess of our economy, he had better make sure that he is not contributing to making a mess of the EU constitution.

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