Mr. Sutherland’s caress

Mr. Sutherland has an article in todays FT.

Nice piece, good figures and well argued by an unimpeachable source. Makes a pleasant change.

However, the caveat is in the last paragraph. Irelands future is dependent on the quality and timing of the global recovery. Partly a truism for an economy that has made itself a global entrepot.

But is it still sufficient that we are entirely dependent on external factors. Surely there should be some scope for home grown entrepreneurship and innovation.

Forgive my cynicism but what’s in it for him. Since he is about to leave BP, is he thinking of us as a project for his retirement. Actually, I would welcome his input on any level.

Shall we draft him to run in Dublin Central? Once in the Dail, he is eligible for any Cabinet post. I’d love see him putting the ‘mockers’ on Bertie in his own constituency.

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