Uh OH -Oh No!

I wrote at the inception of this blog about my motivation and ‘Weltanschaung’.

Today, I came across this article that bears upon my pessimism.  If any more people start to agree with me then I may have to consider emigrating….more out of a sense of embarrassment than foreboding.

The sense of being correct in my pessimism has being strengthening in recent weeks, sadly.

The most pessimistic person on the planet is not I but the heroic Mr. Lovelock. He was in Dublin recently promoting his latest book, as one does at eighty something years after a lifetime of proclaiming our collective doom. I had wanted to go to his UCD lecture but couldn’t make it.

The Irish Times came to my rescue by asking at the very end of their interview with him the one question that I would have liked to heard him answer.

The question was along the lines of where on Earth he would go in order to seek refuge from bountiful Gaia’s revenge on her wasteful spawn. He immediately gave the answer that I had deduced sometime ago, ‘a priori’ as it were.

Ireland, along with New Zealand, will be the “most fortunate countries on earth”. We will be a “lifeboat for humanity”, but a lifeboat can only take so many passengers.

For myself, I am still inclined to prefer NZ as Ireland is too close to Windscale/Sellafield for my longterm preference. The Northern Hemisphere has too many nuclear weapons and too many unstable regimes to survive the collapse without succumbing to an exchange of those technological delights.

Anyway, enough chitchat, I have some deckchairs to rearrange……


PK over at the NYT is getting in on the longterm vision thing also.

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