It was an accountant who first told me the ‘2+2’ joke.

When asked this simple question, the answers from an assortment of professionals were as follows;
the mathematician said “Two”,
the engineer said ” Two, plus or minus the wiggle factor”,
the lawyer said “Two, plus damages”,
the banker said “Two, less my fees”,
the accountant, leaned back and closed the curtains, got up and locked the door and sitting back down again asked,
“What do you need it to be…..”

The SBP today has a neat little puff piece from the global head of PwC who is quoted as saying “Trust must be rebuilt” and something about the need for “transparency, accountability and integrity”.

Could we start with your Dublin office please. Obscure processes delivered to the fee payers delight without recourse has been the hallmark of PwC’s involvement with the Dept. of Finance to date.

Get real, please. Your days of pulling the wool are soon to be gone forever.

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