Wilting – not the Greens

What a bitter little piece from Bruce Arnold in the Sindo today.

Schadenfreude is a nasty little vice but when it comes from one who saw his own PD hobby horse eaten by the FF contagion it is just plain jealousy.

Yes, being in Govt. has been challenging and a huge learning curve. Yes, we could have done better and have been slow to assert ourselves.

But we are there, we are doing things the Green way and plan on continue doing so. We are the junior partner and we were not actually needed at the start. After the 2 by-elections it will be a very different scenario and we have learned the plain and fancy dancing required to play effectively in that new scenario.

Lisbon is a serious issue that we fumbled and will have to address once again. There is room for improvement and perhaps recovery in our handling of this core longterm decision that deserves more from the Greens and the country than a frightened dash into the arms of our German sugardaddies.

Meanwhile, Bruce is left nursing the wounds from the death throes of his party and watching the inconsistent Mr. McDowell lose the run of his ambition once again.

If he doesn’t realise, by now, that politics is a rough and grubby trade then surely he should confine himself to critiquing opera.

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