Democracy functions, not by choosing the best policy but by copperfastening the consent of the people to the path chosen.

Until yesterday the Greens could legitimately say that there was nothing to chose between FF and the opposition. Both backed the same way forward. That allowed us to to claim we were the junior stuck between Tweedledum and Tweedledee, playing up the middle for long term Green objectives.

Now, with Mr. Bruton’s rejection and Mr. Somer’s criticisms, there is a difference and an issue. Therefrom springs a real choice.

I do not know what the best/right/smart choice is. No one does. But in these extremely dangerous times, choices must be made.

A general election runs the risk, as in the ’80’s, of an inconclusive result which is the last thing the country needs and would be worse than our present situation. There is also the concern that it is an exceptionally complex and risky choice to put before the whole of the electorate. But those are the times and it would be the most democratic choice.

The other choice would be for the formation of a Govt. of Nat. Unity. I am intrinsically opposed to these but it has some appeal for the remaining years of this Dail.

I think it is time for Mr. Gormely to visit Mr. Cowen and say ‘ the Greens have made their choice – you no longer have our support – we are telling you to choose between a Gen Elec and a Nat Unity Govt.’

This must be done before speaking to Mr. Kenny. He can have his own choice regarding the poison chalice when the time comes. It would be best done before the local elections when it might have a ‘principled’ appearance as opposed to a ‘frightened’ one.

If we were to have an ‘all talents’ goverment then I would like to see Peter Sutherland brought in to the Cabinet, as say Trade&Industry Minister, via the Seanad. I have other thoughts re that cabinet but I will spare you my ‘Fantasy Politics’ doodlings.

It saddens me to come to this juncture, not only, because we might lose our cabinet seats in the ensuing melee but also because, as we now have FF depending on us, we have a great opportunity to force great Green changes on a rudderless FF.

But country comes before party.

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