If wishes were fishes

Wouldn’t it be nice if…….

  • The Catholic church could see itself through the eyes of the astounded masses. Their arrogance makes an altarboy of Brian Cowen (perhaps that is an infelicitous simile);
  • Somebody in  a prominent position resigned rather than waiting to be hounded from office (and deeded their pension to, say, a homeless shelter);
  • Someone explained the Corrib gas mess in a single A4 page (10 pt Helvetica pls);
  • John Gormley grew a pair and stood up in the Dail and said:

” We have extended every assistance to the banks and have found them to be recalcitrant, dilatory and in much worse trouble than they originally stated. They do not deserve any further assistance than we have already extended. They have 18 months left of our Guarantee to sort themselves out. If unfettered unregulated Capitalism is so powerful, let it be seen to work now.  The Green Party will not vote to provide funds to NAMA, it is a dead letter. If the banks are still in trouble when the G’tee expires we will ready to rehabilitate them after they go bankrupt.”

If only………

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