Freedom to act.

‘Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose’ – Kris Kristofferson “Me & Bobbi McGee”

The core of the issue we must address is, not why we didn’t win any converts over the last few years but, why did we HALVE the numbers of those who voted for us in ’07.

Was half our vote always a protest vote – an anti-politics vote from people incapable of making any compromises in order to secure change.

Or have we let down a large number of people who were ‘ABB’s’ – anybody but Bertie.

Or is it about how we have conducted ourselves in office.

Personally, I believe it is the latter. And that is something we and only we can change.

One of the commentariat wrote that our hand has been weakened by these results. I disagree profoundly. It’s now a case of do or die, for the Greens. We have nothing to lose.

In 10 years time( 2 gen elections – the time commonly considered required to rebuild a broken party), the impact of climate change will be starting to be felt globally. Peak Oil is already here. The time for action is now.

If we are not getting it from FF, there is no point in staying in Govt. We aren’t going to get it from FG. We aren’t going to be in the next Govt.

Right now we have FF in a situation where they need us more than we need them. We know there is no future for this party if we don’t deliver change now. FF believe there is a future for them if they can hang on and move the country away from the memory of the pain.

Either we mean this stuff about ‘change, the Planet and sustainability’ or it’s just the guff we use to con voters into giving us our turn at the trough.

Do or die. Now is the time.

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