A morality tale

This starts off sounding like a joke – can you guess who the butt of the  joke is??

A Chinaman walked into an Argentine bank and deposited a billion whatever they call ’em in Argentina. The bankers had a client who had just made some money by the cunning stroke of putting 4 houses on some land where 3 had been previously.

The bank said “Here’s some more money, you can’t pull the same trick here twice, why don’t you go and pull the same stunt in Brazil”. So the builder went to Brazil, where he employed a lot of Brazilians to build 4000 shops and houses where 3000 had been before. They all paid lots of tax to the Brazilian government. Everything looked rosy.

But there were still the same no of Brazilians living there and they could all only sleep in one bed at a time. One day, the Yanks had a panic attack and started selling everything they had. The panic spread, suddenly everyone was selling, no one was buying and everything stopped.

And the Argentine banker said to the Argentine govt. “This is all your fault for not regulating me properly, so you have to give me all your money, so that I can give the Chinaman back his money”

So, the Chinaman got his money, the Brazilians got the houses, the Brazilian govt. got the taxes, the Argentine bankers kept their jobs and the Argie taxpayer got the tab……….

Actually, it’s not that funny after all. Or is it so funny ‘cos it’s so true??

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