Sleeping with the fishes

Given the complete abscence of the GP Parliamentary Party from the Joint Finance Committee hearing on NAMA, one is forced to conclude that the Greens are a dead ‘fish’ in Irish politics; present, visible, floating on the top but contributing nothing, achieving nothing, slowly rotting.

I do hope John and Eamon managed to achieve a pretty arrangement of the ‘Green’ deckchairs that day, so that they have some happy memories of their useless time in Govt.

At the first public debate on the topic of what is acknowledged by one and all as the biggest financial committment of the State ever and the determinant of our prosperity for the next 15 years, we had nothing to say.

Previously, I have been sad or unhappy or dissapointed but have tried to work with the ‘grain’ of the PP’s program. As of now, I am disgusted and angry.


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20-year member of the Green PartySeptember 2nd, 2009 at 17:31

Nowing that only said Arthur will be reading this blog can I make a statement. If you want my name I will give it freely at the NAMA convention.

You are the sort of member that makes me sick. If you are disgusted and angry then let that be known internally. There are lots of people who are unhappy with one thing or another. But if your unhappiness (Valid or invalid) gets to a certain point, then you can always fuck off and leave if you are not prepared to be constructive.

There is serious work going on over the NAMA issue if you got your head out of the sand and looked. Serious changes to the legislation that do not require the Greens to attend and inform our political rivals of this fact.

If you just want to talk out of your arse in response to a nothing insubstantial newspaper article then it says a lot about your character.

Members of the Party who criticise their colleagues publicly for their own ego gratification lack a certain moral fibre. Particularly someone who deigns to be a candidate and standard bearer. Washing your dirty linen in public is shameful.

Differing opinions are essential in politics and in this, the most democratic of parties it is welcome that members can input more directly than elsewhere and speak their mind freely. But those that stir up shite for the sake of it are just inconsequential wankers. Does that include you?

Dirty Linen | Narrating the Aberration.September 2nd, 2009 at 19:13

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CiaránSeptember 3rd, 2009 at 15:55


The heavy lifting is not always carried out in the public eye. There’s been many meetings of the Parliamentary Party, and meetings with Lenihan and others over this issue.

We’re a small Party, and don’t have a member on the Finance Committee. A lot of our discussion of NAMA has been in the public eye, but its hard to cover every discussion of the issue.

You’d be more than welcome to come into the Dáil and attend any of these public meetings yourself, or indeed follow me around for a day or two and see the demands on our time as Teachta Dála.

I did cover some of the meeting on the monitors, but please value us as being more than ‘room meat’ on this issue. (with thanks to the movie ‘In the Loop’ for this phrase)



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