Nausea, again

So much ugliness, so little time. Apologies to my reader for not keeping up to the mark.

There was a distinct strand of xenophobia to FF’s spinning of NAMA last weekend and I am on the lookout for more of it this weekend.

Both Frank Fahey and Eibhlinn Byrne were heard to complain about ‘foreign banks’ on various media outlets.

The contexts were varied but the tone was one step away from squinty eyed provincials complaining about ‘incomers’. I was looking over my shoulder for the pyres and listening for the tumbrils.

Mr Fahey was trying to blame the fall in property prices on ACC’s repeated attempts to point out that the NAMA emperor has no clothes in our courts.

Ms Byrne was raising the spectre of banks that were not supported by the State falling into the hands of ‘foreign banks’. This from the party that wants to import foreign regulators, since we post-colonial simpletons can not apparently be trusted.

It is hypocritical to a degree not previously known (but expected) from Fianna Fail that money from the ECB is not ‘foreign’ but money from Holland is. Or that it was ‘grate’ to have the Dutch investing in us when they were buying stuff but now that they want to sell, we are not so keen.

Come to think of it, maybe we do need a firmer foreign hand running these institutions of ours.

More Commonwealth, vicar…..

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