4 Definitions

Work is when you supply labour to another for a fixed reward and have no ownership of the product or process or outcome.

Investment is when your money and your work (capital and labour) are deployed to bring about a significant change in some asset that you or others may either value more or derive more from.

This applies to the solictor renting an office and working on documents, as it does to the builder and his site, as it does to Intel.

Speculation is when your money alone is at work and you have no influence over the outcome.

This applies to buying shares, buying a house and to putting money on deposit  or into a pension fund.

Manipulation is when the amount of money speculated has the capacity to change, in the short term, the price of the asset.

This applies to shares, commodities, art and buildings.

In my opinion, NAMA is a manipulation of the market for which the citizens are going to be working for the rest of their lives.

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