Flaky dilettantes

Vincent Browne has a piece on the Greens and our recent convention on NAMA. This is the opening paragraph.

The Green Party is different. It does not try to fool the electorate, as other parties do. It fools itself. They actually believe that the morsels they got in the revised programme for government was “transformational”, rather than just another piece of clever Fianna Fáil condescension. The delusional Greens believe they are principled green egalitarians, rather than the reality: they are a crowd of flaky middle-class dilettantes, amusing themselves with the fantasy of power and the delights of its trappings.

What is sadly accurate is the bit about “flaky dilettantes”. Despite years of complaining about absurd planning leading to expensive land leading to overpriced houses, the Greens have voted to prop up the pricing structure at the expense of those most victimised by the system.

Does it really matter what the motivation of the majority of the Green membership was, on the day. It is a truism of politics that ‘perception is reality’. When the electorate next gather to render judgement on their rulers and choose the next lot, the Greens are going to cast aside for their hypocrisy and their naivete.

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