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There has been a bit of a media ‘kerfuffle’ over the McWilliams/Lenihan ‘tit for tat’ over their alleged ‘têteà-tête‘ during last year’s unfolding of our collective financial folly.

Some are aghast that it happened. Some are aghast at McWilliams daring to retell the story. Some are surprised that Lenihan was visibly under a bit of stress.

Personally, I can’t decide which is worse; that the Minister was afraid of what his minions would say or that the unelected scribe would take it upon himself to offer a course of action that put the taxpayer in the front line between developers greed and politicians fecklessness.

This gobbet of gossip has done nothing for the reputation of either and does nothing to fix our current problems. It may even make things worse as now no politician will contemplate consulting with those outside the ‘reservation’ for fear of having their insecurities revealed. So all David has done is lessen the range of advice that Ministers will hear in future and all to add an an extra layer of lining to the already cosy McWilliams nest.

How very venal of the mighty scribe. How pathetic of the Minister.

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Eamonn76November 5th, 2009 at 23:44

The blanket guarantee was a terrible error. I don’t think McWilliams was decisive in this though.
McWilliams is bumptious but I believe well meaning. He did not deserve Brian Lenihan’s usual dirty tricks campaign.

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