Adroitly done.

The lesson today is “You mess with Fianna Fail and their ‘soldiers’ at your peril.”

I wonder what other ‘lessons from history’ await other Green TD’s. To keep that ‘handgrenade’ on ice for two years is the mark of a very skilled and patient political assassin.

I  am sorry to see TSargent go and the manner of his going reflects well on him.

It is also true that it is surprising that he, above all other parliamentarians of his generation, given his vocal stance on the need for high moral standards, should have made so blatant an error of judgement so early on in the life of the Coalition.

As has just been commented on, on the radio,  it was wrong when he did it; not just now when it has been revealed.

Why are these politicians tripped up by such trivial simple matters?

Update – The donation of the ‘severance payment’ is, IMO, an exemplary act of decency and integrity on the part of a most unusual politician. His refusal to engage in any form of ‘witchhunt’ or ‘victimisation’ also speaks volumes at a time when small minds with big egos are the norm in Irish politics.

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