Some sayings are wise and true, many are false.

One that strikes me as true comes from Ghandi.

“First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they fight you. Then, you win.”

The debate on the coming climate catastrophe seems to making steady progress through these phases.

In the 80’s, environmental groups could only get traction long after the evidence was overwhelming, that is they were ignored unless people could see their own personal ‘Love Canals’. Even then everyone refused to ‘join any dots’.

In the 90’s, we were figures of ridicule exemplified by the tree-hugging vegan caricatures beloved of stand-up comedians.

In this decade, we were fought. Our weapons of choice are science and direct appeals to the populace. The forces of the establishment were deployed the pervert our science and to promote their own perverted science. Spin doctors and money were marshaled in great quantities.

Some of us responded in kind, as has been revealed in the recent HADCRUT scandal. All of this is typical of human nature and to be expected. As in all conflict there is confusion but it is certain that more and more people are becoming aware of the debate, its serious implication for their lives and, most importantly, they are becoming convinced of our side of the debate.

The question is whether, by the time the vast majority become convinced enough to be roused to action and change, there will be time enough to do anything apart from ‘abandon ship’ and jump onto a few liferafts.

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