Rotating in our graves.

This notion of a rotation of the GP Cabinet posts is scarcely credible.

If it had been discussed as party policy before the chance of ‘Coalition’ arrived If it had been voted on at the Mansion House. If it had been done openly and the understudies had been seen to be reading in for their roles. If those preconditions had been met then, although it would be another bit of GP ‘weirdness’ for the electorate to swallow, then it would be acceptable.

But if it is a secret deal to be sprung on the electorate, in the midst of a crisis and some very serious environmental decisions, at the convenience of the leadership and the connivance of FF, then it beggars belief. My expectations of the GP leadership are well known to be low at this stage but this leaves me spluttering in confusion and consternation.

Are really living in that much of a bubble? Maybe, the groupthink is that pervasive?

I will be hugely impressed if it turns out that the GP leadership struck this deal and kept it quiet for so long. It would make some things make sense. The speed and ease of TSargent’s departure. JGormley’s insistence on going to Copenhagen. Er ….. that’s all that comes to mind, actually.

Other than that,I can only think that the electorate will be left gasping at the insouciance and the arrogance of it.

But then I can hardly credit that we are still at 5% support at this stage. So what do I know…..


soubresautsMarch 5th, 2010 at 11:57

Just accept that it’s pointless reminiscing about what the Green Party used to be. It’s over. Shameful, disgraceful, and all that, but no use crying over spilt milk.

Sometimes you have to wonder why Gormley & Ryan are bothering to hang in there, since they have their ministerial pensions in the bag. Perhaps it’s loyalty to Cuffe and Gogarty who stand to gain substantial pension rights if they can hang on as TDs for another few months.

What’s that you said? The natural instinct? No? “The National Interest”. Oh, I get you now. The national interest. What about it?

The Greens are “acting in the national interest”? Really?

Seriously, Arthur, I appreciate your pithy and wry commentaries.

adminMarch 5th, 2010 at 12:09

I’d appreciate it if you used a more ‘transparent’ email as attribute for your comment but, whatevah…..

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