Different Day, Same S**t…..

Ernst&Young, the fatuous auditors of fabled AngloIrishBank, have been appointed as auditors of NAMA.

It is not even a sick joke, it is nauseating……

Thank Fate that land is cheap in France, because this country is in terminal decline.

Let me put this question to you. After yesterdays revelations about how the State is no more to be trusted than the Catholic Church when it comes to child protection, what institution of the State or sector of society or domestic professional body or business organisation works well.

Not the HSE. Hardly the Dept. of Education. Our banks – no, definitely not. Our bankrupt solicitors or our overpaid barristers?

Currently, I can think of only one ‘group’ of people who have been tried and not found wanting in all of our recent shenanigans.

That would be the judiciary, for those of you who care…..

OK – enough whining – back to plotting – be patient – I’m getting there……(despite distractions and interuptions)


E&Y have just been criticised by the investigator appointed by a USA court to review the collapse of Lehman. The FT says

that there is credible evidence ……. against E&Y for professional malpractice

About time, too.

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