I quit Facebook this morning.

Here is what I wrote on my Wall before leaving.

I have had it with Facebook!
The messing about with privacy settings, the intrusive applications and now messing about with my profile so that my pictures and other stuff have gone missing.
This is a bad, insecure, greedy and pernicious application of Web technologies that sets poor precedents and habits for ‘Netizens’.
If you are serious about your rights and privileges as a user of the Internet, then you should not be using this application. If there isn’t something better out there, then we can build one….

For sometime I have understood that F’book gave a superficial illusion of ‘community’ while actually being an intrusive, greedy distraction from reality. There are some conveniences about using it but, on review, they are only conveniences and the costs and potential costs outweigh any benefits.

If it’s important people will find one of a dozen other ways to reach you. If it’s not, then what do you care. I know I no longer care for Mr Zuckerberg’s Frankenstein……

Best of luck to the rest of ye.

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