Gaia strikes!

Gaia, with the slightest, but sublimest, of efforts, has shown her colours.

A mere burp from her innards and swathes of humanity’s economic “juggernaut” are brought to a standstill. A significant proportion of European and trans-Atlantic air traffic has been grounded by small volcano and an odd weather pattern.

The volcano has been erupting for a month and the last time it erupted it did so continuously for two years.

Not only are thousands of people being discommoded and put to expense but the unknown duration of the event is beginning to worry businesses globally. Without dependable air freight between Europe and North America an enormous number of businesses are going to be massively affected.

Not only are the airlines and their bankers at risk but also all of the businesses who depend on ‘just in time’ delivery of high value finished and capital goods. Should the disruption last for two years, even on an ‘on and off again’ basis then potentially even the aircraft manufacturers could be affected.

All this from a small volcano and an unusual weather pattern. Something that was not on anyone’s radar as to risk, either physical or financial.

I hope that as people reflect on the impact of this tiny geophysical event they have the wisdom and foresight to imagine what serious planet-wide disruption will feel like when the climate change juggernaut starts to kick in. Sadly, I do not think many of the suggestible apes will do so.

Truly, we live in interesting times.

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