Facebook is for sluts.

“Slut” is a culturally interesting word. How you use it and when you use it says as much, if not more, about oneself as it does about the described person.

Personally, I use it to describe people (men and women) who have little self-regard, need lots of attention to bolster their sense of self-worth, act without awareness of or concern for the consequences and, finally, are unaware or unexamining of the motives of persons interacting with, or observant of, them.

Given that the users of Facebook have happily surrendered all of their privacy rights in exchange for some limited access to vehicles of self-promotion and a few unchallenging ‘games’, despite public disclosure of the risks of such behavior in theory and, sadly, in a few individual instances, in practice then it is accurate to say that such continued behavior may fairly be called ‘sluttish’.

Also, see Diaspora for a project that will try to do social networking in a manner that is both respectful of people’s privacy and professional and elegant in its engineering.

Lastly, having a look at some of the links collated in this article , will widen your awareness of the breadth of the revolt against the Suckerburg succubus.

That is all.

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