Germany’s Gift – Part One

At last  the German government has started behaving like a grown up govt. should.

Taking decisions, tough ones, on its own privately, thoroughly and announcing them firmly to the markets on a ‘like it or lump it’ basis.

A good summary is to be found here.

The Germans (militarily, anyway) used to be the masters of strategic retreat. They will be in the frontlines, fighting their cause, tooth and nail, striving to go forward right up until the minute they decide that the game is no longer worth the candle. After that they will be gone, completely entirely and cleanly, having moved back to the next well prepared line of defense.

Europeans with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and ‘market forces’ types should tread carefully around this rediscovered German talent for ‘strategic retreat’.

I would like to remind the reader of the British Army aphorism

“He who has not fought the Germans does not know war”

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