Black is the new White-PartDeux

The swift and Swiftian guarantee, whereby a domestic minnow guaranteed three global whales, has ushered in a nuclear winter, whose first bites are now being felt.

But the good Brian, having mastered his Goebbel’s, inverts the reality and tells us the perfect fabrication – that he has prevented it.

This is perversion beyond anything that Karl Rove, the man who gave us the ‘swift-boating’ of an American hero.

This man is a truly Irish phenomenon, a Jonathan Swift-redux, a world-class manipulator of words. Sadly, history is repeating itself true to type – the first time was a farce/satire, this time it is a true tragedy.

We are eating our own now, condemning them, our children, to a lifetime of tax-servitude to foreign bondholders.

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