Black is the new white.

The Republican Party of the USA is rapidly becoming a theological culture. Given that they are 50% of the country, give or take a few points depending on the quality of your advertising and your incumbent, then the USA itself seems to be on the way to becoming one.

Any regular observer of US politics has been aware of this trend for some time now but today I came across some numbers that seem to copperfasten it.

In this survey, 80% of Republicans place the blame for the state of the US economy on Mr. Obama rather than on Mr. Bush, given the choice of only those two alternatives. Moreover, a large proportion of those citing no regular party affiliation indicated that they also blame Mr. Obama.

While Mr. Obama may be criticized for having campaigned as if hope and change alone would be sufficient to solve the USA’s woes, the people have no business thinking that anyone could solve the  problem of that seriousness with a wave of a magic wand or a lipstick.

They will shortly be in an unholy mess if they follow through on these ‘feelings’ and take control of the legislature away from the Democrats in November. Sadly, we are likely to be in that selfsame mess with them if they do.

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