Where the rubber meets the road.

We are, as a people, about to be in the place where ‘the rubber meets the road’. We can do it as the rubber or as the road. We can be ridden over or we can be the drivers.

People feel powerless in the face of this but they have enormous power if they choose to wield it.

This is about cashflow now. Pure and simple. It is not about debt and it is not about tax-rates.

The Government has no money. The banks have no money. The Europeans have money. Most importantly, anyone with a job has money and cashflow. And anyone with a mortgage has a lever or, perhaps, even a trigger…

The banks are fighting for their lives. The elites, political, professional and administrative are negotiating for their lives. When people are fighting for their lives they make rash, ugly and desperate decisions, negotiated from positions of weakness and always regretted afterwards.

The Europeans are hovering, hoping that the petulant child won’t rock the boat so much that they end up having to harshly discipline us. We have a huge domestic problem but we are a tiny part of the EU. The Europeans only concern right now is whether we are about to become gangrenous for the rest of the EU. Anyone who thinks that there are any altrusitic motives at work here is asleep at the wheel. This is going to be about naked power and expedience, pure and simple.

The people are not at the table fighting their own corner. They, as citizens in a capital owning constitutional democracy, are entitled to. They, as hostages of massively incompetent and self-serving ‘gombeens’, ought to be looking after their own interests.

Cashflow is the only bargaining chip that counts now. Laws, contracts, propriety, property rights and obligations are on the table and will be crudely sliced and diced to make a new ‘modus vivendi’. The elites have no bargaining chips left other than what they think they can take from the peoples cashflow. They are more interested in preserving their hides than the future of the people and will make a bad bargain on our behalf to save themselves.

Rioting on the streets is not the answer and it shows that the rioters haven’t even understood the question, let alone figured out the answer. This is about cash and cashflow. The authorities love it when people riot. They are well setup to handle that. What they are not setup for is disobedience and the people using the tools of the elite against them.

Stop paying your mortgages, demand a seat at the table and keep on doing it until you get what you want. If the bond markets can go on strike, why can’t the borrowers?

This is a fight for our futures and our lives. It is taking the form of a negotiation. The people are entitled to a seat at the table. So far, we seem to be hiding under it.

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