Wow! Just wow!

At the moment when you think that all possible depths have been plumbed, the leadership of the Green Party pull a stunt that significantly increases the danger of the collapse of the Euro.

That is something more than incompetence. That borders on criminal negligence.

Are they acting as a ‘Green’ terrorist cell, hoping to bring the whole capitalist system collapsing down about them in order to stop the destruction of the planet through wanton exploitation and that a new ‘smart-economy’ Eden will arise from the smoking ashes of the ruins? If only revolutions were so manageable and predictable.

On the subject of predictions;
We will not get a budget or a 4 year plan;
There will be a General Election – FF running on the proposed budget;
There will be no negotiations on the EU/IMF bailout during the election;
FG/Lab will be unable to form a stable Government;
There will be massive capital flight out of the country (last of the corporates, remnants of middle class liquidity);
The banks will collapse;
The State will collapse.

After that it is anyone’s guess.

But at a minimum, a new Constitution, the end of FF and FG and increased inequality.

Probably also, oh, the departure of Intel, massive emigration and narco-violence.

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