Political Culture – Part 2

I was at a meeting of political ‘types’, from the Government side of the fence, a short while ago.

In the general discussion that preceded the ‘ business’ of the meeting, I brought up the subject of the dramatic rise in the suicide rate and, in particular, the awful murder/suicide in Cork that occurred recently.

There followed a long discussion on the awfulness of it, the sadness of it, the stupidity of doing it over money or status and the tragedy of the absence of or loss of services to remediate it.

But not one person hinted, suggested or admitted that the decisions that they had promoted, instigated or agreed to had brought about the losses, debts and fears that were driving these people over the brink of despair.

They have blood on their hands but they are not aware of it. I guess that is how they can sleep at night.

Oh!, the joys of the ‘unexamined life’.

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