More Farces

It is 15 months ago since the GreenParty held a Special Convention on PfG/NAMA.

I told that Convention that I did not believe that any of the lovely promises offered to them as the payoff for sustaining FF in power and agreeing to NAMA would be delivered, let alone the fact that they were not worth the price that NAMA was being quoted at, let alone the price that NAMA was going really cost.

The vocal minority that I was proud to be a part of lost that argument.

Today, after the Greens have bolted from a Government that they solely had enabled, we have been proved wholly correct.

There is no ban on corporate donations, there is no Climate Change bill, the incinerator is still going ahead. In the last year the Greens have passed an EU mandated change to marriage contracts, a change in dog breeding and deer hunting laws and, erm, that’s about it.

The cost has been the utter loss of our ‘reputation’, the emptying of the State coffers and the exodus of the young.

Green incompetence has cost them dearly. Showing their hand in November started the avalanche of resignations and other electoral posturing that has derailed their legislative agenda and the entire Government with it.

Now we are being offered a General Election.

This GE is a much of a farce as the machinations which have led to it. Elections are usually fought (and ought to be) over what direction the voters think that the country ought to go in over the coming years from between the choices offered by the competing parties.

But what alternatives are on offer to the people – FF, FG and Lab are all endorsing the G’tee, NAMA & the EU/IMF bailout. There is nothing for the people to choose from. There is nothing to do except settle down and pay bills for 10years or emigrate.

The Greens, despite their much vaunted democratic principles, have robbed the people the chance to choose their destinies and are now forcing the timing of the peoples rubber stamping of the Greens arrogant choices on the people’s behalf.

The best thing that could happen would be the abandonment of the Finance Bill and someone, anyone, offering a policy of burning the bondholders and repudiating the Guarantee. It would be painful but it would be a lot quicker than the pain we are going to endure over the next decade. The most important thing is that it would be sure. The economy would be repriced to competitive levels (back to 2000) and we could stop being the source of Europes debt-gangrene.

Good luck now.

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