Greetings and apologies for the long silence. It was engendered by a preoccupation with other delusions and a generalized despair at the “state o’ chassis”.

My congratulations to EK and the gang on an interesting victory.

EGilmore shot himself badly in the foot at the start of the campaign with his arrogance toward the electorate in general and, again, in the immediate aftermath with his arrogance towards women in particular.

I have much to say about FF and the Greens but I was taught not to speak ill of the dead.

EKenny ran a careful campaign, much mocked but perfectly rendered and made a fine, indeed a very fine, speech on assuming office. It transcended most people’s expectations of the man and the moment.

Sadly, I fear that such transcendence will be short-lived. EK is already being slapped around by his EU seniors. Overall, the situation reminds me of the inauguration of BObama. The situation is extremely parlous and almost all options have been squandered by the outgoing administration, making the task of the incoming administration Sisyphean and bound to disappoint.

Lets face it, folks. He cannot walk on water, despite our hopes and ambitions for him. He has been dealt an impossible hand and in the coming months I will not condemn him for not being a miracle worker nor any of his colleagues.

We are riding the whirlwind now.

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Michael MiklisMarch 17th, 2011 at 22:50

Hi, EK doesn’t need to walk on water all he has to do is tell the truth and put the same to the public and let us decide which way we want to go, to be slaves of EU and IMF , or poor and “free”…. or what ever.. hope the “chassis” is in good recovery mood all the best
and yeah spring is if full swing . great we hae planted wheat and Matock beans.. and will set spudz very soon. forecast is very promising at least for the weather poor Japs my hart bleeds with yours..

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